Are our Georgian Bay Smash products gluten-free?
There is some confusion and controversy about gluten and spirits. The Canadian Celiac Association argues that products like gin and vodka do not contain detectable prolamin content due to the distillation process. While we have not had our products certified as gluten-free, if you agree with the Canadian Celiac Association’s assessment, there is no gluten in our products. Here is a helpful link about the issue:

How many calories are in a can of Smash? And where does it come from?
There are 230 calories in a 473 can of smash – about half those calories come from the alcohol. Each full can has 21 grams of sugar and 24.6 grams of carbohydrates.  For context, there would be approximately 40 grams of sugar in a similar-sized can of cola or tonic. The sugar in our Gin Smash and Vodka Smash is natural cane sugar.

Is your vodka really the best in the world?
We think so, but why don’t you be the judge. We’re not just making wild claims though. Georgian Bay Vodka™ was voted Best Vodka at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits competition. To win Best Vodka, each judge first has to give it a Gold Score. Vodkas that receive a unanimous Gold are awarded the Double Gold Medal. All of these vodkas then face a final round of judging and only one emerges as Best Vodka. And that happened to be us.

Are your products vegan-friendly?

How do I drink a Smash?
A Smash is best served on the rocks – we prefer a stemless wine glass but no need to get too fussy. Sometimes, when we’re feeling fancy we add a garnish like a sprig of mint or a lime wedge. You can even smash up your smash by mixing it with beer, wine, or by adding a shot of your favourite spirit (i.e. Georgian Bay Gin® or Georgian Bay Vodka™). Looking for inspiration? Check out our recipe page for our latest Smash and spirit cocktails.

Where can I buy?!
You can find our Gin Smash and Vodka Smash in almost every LCBO across Ontario, Manitoba Liquor Marts, British Columbia Liquor Stores, and ANBLs in New Brunswick. If you’re looking for a liquor store near you that carries our products, the easiest thing is to go to Our Drinks & Awards page where you can find direct links under each product.

Where is Georgian Bay?
Georgian Bay is a real place – it’s sometimes called the 6th Great Lake but it’s really an arm of Lake Huron. It’s also a state of mind. You can find it by slowing down your breathing, thinking happy thoughts and just putting your feet up for a while.