Here’s the lowdown: Georgian Bay won Gold at the prestigious London Spirits Competition and was declared Best in Show for Canada, which means of all the Canadian spirits entries in all categories (i.e. not just vodka), Georgian Bay Vodka was deemed the most outstanding. Georgian Bay then went on to win Gold at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, leading to an article in Forbes, which lists Georgian Bay Vodka as one of the 10 Best Vodkas in the World.

After Georgian Bay Vodka won Double Gold and Best Vodka at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the most respected awards shows in the industry, we started referring to it as the Best Vodka in the World. But being modest Canadians, we had many discussions about whether or not this was a reasonable claim. We held off applying to other competitions, thinking there was nowhere to go but down!  We changed our tune on this and now, thanks to a big win at the London Spirits Competition, the International Wine and Spirits Competition, and an article in Forbes, we feel we can totally own the claim.

Suffice it to say, we’re pretty chuffed.

So how did we do it? After all, we’re just a small, craft producer from Ontario. And when we started the company, we had no spirits industry experience. We like to think that it’s all about the relentless pursuit of excellence. Vodka is often described as an odourless, tasteless spirit. We couldn’t disagree more. Vodka is about subtle flavour notes, viscosity and mouthfeel. We wanted a vodka that is just as good in a mixed cocktail as it is enjoyed neat or over ice. To get there, we ended up blending two types of vodka, one distilled from two row malted barley and one from corn. Two row malted barley vodka is essentially unaged single malt whiskey. It has cereal notes and a distinct creaminess. It’s great on its own but we discovered that something magical happens when corn-based vodka is blended in. Suddenly, sweeter, vanilla notes are added to the mix and the liquid becomes exceptionally smooth with none of the harsh burn some vodkas can have. The mouthfeel is like velvet. Here’s the tasting note from the International Wine and Spirits Competition:

Elegant, subtle, refined and achingly sophisticated. Seasoned with delicately nuanced notes of cherry, malted vanilla, stone fruit and even a dusting of chocolate. The palate features a touch of lemon and lime – a transcendental touch! Nothing ordinary here.

But no description can compare to trying it yourself. Let us know what you think. Did the judges get right? We certainly think so.

And our Gin?  It’s a Double Gold winner too at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and has won a slew of other medals, including Gold at the SIP Awards.  For all our medal wins, including our award-winning craft cocktails in a can, check out our ‘Drinks and Awards’ page.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years, and for every bottle of Georgian Bay Vodka or Gin you may have bought, gifted and consumed (responsibly of course!).  Here’s to the future and many more great cheers!

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