A Chilli Evening

Halloween isn't cancelled, it's just reimagined! Our Spirits Ambassador, Alyson, has some smashing cocktail ideas to get you ready for spooktacular festivities. BOO-yah!


1oz Sweet Vermouth
1oz Chilli-infused Campari*
Strawberry Smashed Soda




Rocks Glass


  1. *Chilli-infused Campari - Cut up your chilli of choice and steep it overnight in your Campari, if you want it spicier just steep for another 24 hours until desired spiciness.
  2. In a rocks glass add ice, Sweet Vermouth, and chilli-infused Campari.
  3. Give it a gentle stir and top with Strawberry Smashed Soda.
  4. Garnish with a chilli and enjoy!