The Georgian Caesar

A great Canadian cocktail starts with great Canadian spirits! Inspired by our collaboration with The Keg, this mouth watering caesar is sure to please.


1oz Georgian Bay Gin® or Georgian Bay Vodka™
3oz Premium Caesar Mix
0.25oz Worcestershire Sauce
0.25oz Dill pickle brine
0.5oz Fresh lemon juice


Celery stalk and a pickle


Collins Highball


  1. Rim a glass with caesar rimmer, and then add Georgian Bay Gin®, Worcestershire Sauce, fresh lemon juice and dill pickle brine to the glass.
  2. Fill the glass with ice, and top with Premium Caesar Mix.
  3. Use the celery stalk to give everything a gentle stir, leaving the stalk in the glass. Garnish with a pickle, serve and enjoy!
The Georgian Caesar is our take on a Classic Canadian Cocktail. Choose to use Georgian Bay Gin or Vodka