The Georgian Caesar is our take on a Classic Canadian Cocktail. Choose to use Georgian Bay Gin or Vodka

1oz Georgian Bay Gin® or Georgian Bay Vodka™
2oz Premium Caesar Mix
0.25oz Worcestershire Sauce
0.25oz Dill Pickle Brine
½ Celery Stalk
Juice of ½ Lemon
Garnish: Pickle

Glass Type: Mason Jar

Fill a mason jar with ice. Add Worcestershire Sauce first (this way if you add too much and need to start over you aren’t wasting precious Georgian Bay Gin®). Then add Georgian Bay Gin®, fresh lemon juice and dill pickle brine. Top with Premium Caesar Mix. Use the celery stalk to give everything a gentle stir, leaving the stalk in the glass. Slice a pickle in half and place as you see fit.

Take it to the next level and use a shaker to mix your ingredients together and strain over ice.