Halloween isn’t canceled, it’s just reimagined! Our Spirits Ambassador, Alyson, has some smashing cocktail ideas to get you ready for spooktacular festivities.

Vampire Bite

Sweet, citrusy and vibrant in colour. Vampire Bite is crafted with Georgian Bay Gin.

Shake up a magical cocktail using Georgian Bay Vodka – Black Magic.

Use Georgian Bay Strawberry Smashed Soda to craft A Chilli Evening.

Fruity, tangy and refreshing, this Smashed Tea, Ghoul’s Tea, cocktail is a must-mix this Halloween.

This Gin Sour isn’t for the faint of heart. Witching Hour combines red wine, Georgian Bay Gin and spices.

A blend of Georgian Bay Gin and Gin Smash make Blood Orange a citrus delight.

Rich and creamy, like a fresh slice of pumpkin pie. Our Pumpkin Martini is crafted with award-winning Georgian Bay Vodka.

No newts were harmed in the making of this potion. Tropic Potion made with Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash

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